Breaking Down NCAAs: Parker Valby, Graham Blanks, Ok State Dominant, NC State and Katelyn Tuohy Get it Done

6 months ago

The 2023 NCAA Championships are in the books and Graham Blanks of Harvard got a convincing win as Parker Valby of Florida was dominant, and so were Dave Smith's Oklahoma State men, while the NC State women edged NAU thanks to some heroics by Katelyn Tuohy.

We break it all down, plus have the best thing in running, thread, email and post of the week, and debate Katelyn Tuohy's possible pro contract.

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  • Show notes:
  • 0:00 Black Friday Special Join Supporters Club for 50% off use code GOAT50 or use code CLUB25 to save 25% and give Jon $25
  • 01:26 Start
  • 03:13 Tough Week for Johnsons
  • 06:40 Graham Blanks NCAA XC Champion for Harvard
  • 13:26 Blanks' gap year
  • 18:03 Blanks pro prospects/ margin of victory
  • 25:15 The Best Thing in Running This Week...
  • 25:52 Happy Birthday Habs
  • 31:34 Oklahoma State men put on a performance for the ages to stop NAU's streak
  • 38:37 Stat of NCAAs: BYU's #1 Man would have been #6 for NAU and OK State
  • 39:53 Rojo rant / Ranking the ideal LetsRun visitor's NCAA teams
  • 47:26 Women's Race: Parker Valby dominant
  • 52:17 Katelyn Tuony only 5th but a big winner
  • 55:14 What happened to NAU women?
  • 01:01:47 Should individuals count in the team scores?
  • 01:07:04 Did Mike Smith's teams' mindset change?
  • 01:10:53 Coach Smiths with high praise for one another
  • 01:11:23 The experience in Charlottesville
  • 01:16:27 Email of the week- Moses who snuck onto the NCAA course
  • 01:21:48 Jacob Kiplimo is back
  • 01:24:22 Evan Jager misdiagnosed stress fracture
  • 01:25:29 Bold message board post of week- Justin Knight will win medals for Bowerman *Post
  • 01:26:52 Message board post on coaches being the bad guy *Post
  • 01:27:57 How much should Katelyn Tuohy get paid?
  • Links: Jon Gault's NCAA Analysis article
  • Threads: No respect for Dave Smith and Oklahoma State men’s cross country team
  • Evan Jager: Tired of Eugene and sharing Jerry but has ”never had thoughts of leaving” BTC

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