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Coronavirus Shuts Down Racing, But Not the Running World

22 days ago

Running and a new way of living go on

Coronavirus, covid-19 has upended the world. LRC is here to talk about it and its impact on the running world. Be safe and responsible everyone.

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Thread: What do you want to see on LRC during coronavirus?

Jam packed show notes:
4:20 Tom Brady leaves Patriots
9:57 CNN gets upset people are exercising (with proper social distancing) and Wejo's confession.
14:59 The new fall marathon season is packed
20:34 What will be the 1st sport back? Jim Walmsley's Comrades Marathon is still on. Streaming time trials
30:55 Could Jared Ward or Scott Fauble win a major?
33:29 If we have an Olympic Trials what will they look like?
41:30 Wejo reveals how much he got paid to pace Paula Radcliffe
46:18 Reader's questions: How to train and prioritize races during coronavirus?
Covid 19 Solo Challenge?
What should high schoolers trying to get recruited do?
62:45 Who does better under new coach: Galen Rupp or Tom Brady?
Galen Rupp's coach Mike Smith speaks
Galen Rupp's Altitude house
Galen Rupp's 24x400 workout
70:53 Dating is dead or Quarantine and chill?
73:51 What athlete benefits most if Olympics are postponed?
75:40 Multiples of 6 challenge
82:14 It's race day for social distancing

And yes we had a Vaporfly segment.

Other links mentioned in podcast: *Article from 1 week ago: Could Coronavirus kill 1 million Americans *CDC Guidelines on Covid-19

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