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Battle of 19 Year Olds. Is Bekele Chunky? Coburn Favorite for Gold? College Track in Trouble?

4 months ago

The battle of the 19 year-olds is here: Jakob Ingebrigtsen v Jacob Kiplimo over 3000m in Rome. The US is not sending a team to the World Half, but there is hope for Foot Locker XC and DII XC. Minnesota Track and Field is cut and Leroy Burrell sends out a warning. Is Emma Coburn the gold medal favorite? What about Centrowitz's Olympic chances? Can Jakob or Potato Tim (Cheruiyot) run 3:25? Is Bekele chunky?

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LRC Supporters Club members get timestamped show notes: :XX 5 Minute Rome Diamond League Preview: Jacob vs Jakob and Warholm vs WR
XX USA not sending team to World Half Marathon Champs because of COVID
XX FootLocker XC 2020? + NCAA DII Nationals
XX NCAA D1 Nationals in 2021?
XX Are NCAA athletes exploited? Cal runner quits XC team because NCAA is racist.
XX Minnesota Track cut / future of NCAA track / LeRoy Burrell's comments /William & Mary 'plagiarism' tweet here
XX Zagreb: Daniel Rowden arrives. Bryce Hoppel. "B" teamers in Europe
XX Rojo's hot take: Emma Coburn favorite for gold? US Tokyo 2021 Medal Chances
XX Centro better chance to win gold or not make Olympic Team?
XX A 30-year old most of you have never heard of, Hedda Hynne of Norway, just ran a 1:58:10 world's best
XX Performance of Week: Spanish 800/1500 double 8 minutes a part
XX Rojo's idiotic solution to scheduling of doubles problem at Olympics/Worlds
XX Thread of Week: Bekele: 8x2k at 8500ft...bad news
XX Post of Week: Gjert thinks Jakob will run 3:25 (Will Cheruiyot or Ingebrigtsen break 1500 record?)

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