Kipchoge in Boston, Sha'Carri 10.57, Arcadia, Camille Herron (Guest) on Ultra Running Greatness

1 year ago

Ultra marathon star Camille Herron who recently crushed the women's world record for 48 hours (and set the men's American record as well) and has the world records from 50 miles to 48 hours (270 miles) joins us at 90:44 to talk about her recent 48 hour world record and ultra marathon career.

Prior to that we discuss Sha'Carri Richardson's 10.57 100m, wonder if Mo Farah is done, try and save the sport, talk a little Arcadia high school action and then have our first mini Boston Marathon Preview.

Eliud Kipchoge is the first male world record holder to run Boston since the 1950s and it's going to be epic. How will he handle the hills and Evans Chebet and Benson Kipruto? Who is the women's favorite?

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LetsRun Meetup Friday @ 6:30pm @ Dillon's in Boston.

Show notes:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 04:53 LetsRun meetup in Boston at Dillon's at 6:30 pm on Friday
  • 08:46 Sha'Carri 10.57 100m
  • 24:10 Rest of meet
  • 32:43 Michael Johnson's plan to save the sport
  • 41:34 Arcadia - ridiculous depth
  • 45:27 Rocky Hansen future star?
  • 48:28 Mo Farah 30:41 10k - 2 Weeks before London - Is he done?
  • 57:52 Mini Boston Preview
  • 58:26 Crazy Stat- the last time the men's world record holder ran London was...
  • 01:08:23 What if Kipchoge loses?
  • 01:12:59 Who is the women's favorite?
  • 01:18:42 What should be Kichoge's strategy?
  • 01:23:44 Update on Evans Chebet and Benson Kipruto
  • 01:30:44 Camille Herron (Guest) *Her website is here
  • 01:32:05 48 hour world record
  • 01:38:46 "I'm born to do it" + napping
  • 01:45:07 Pacing
  • 01:51:48 Becoming an ultra runner
  • 01:54:32 Getting better with age
  • 02:00:05 Mental side
  • 02:03:08 Trail ultras & Western States
  • 02:10:51 Early days of Letsrun and where your dreams become reality

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