Athing Mu Talks Legacy & Retirement? Brazier's Surgery, Kenya Doping Raid? Camille Herron WR

1 year ago

Who said nothing happened last week?

1.5 hours of running entertainment. First "Breaking News" about a possible drug bust in Kenya gets speculation going on what Zane Robertson should do.

We discuss Emily Sisson pulling out of London, have more on Donavan Brazier's injury, and then discuss Athing Mu on the Pivot Podcast. She's a superstar at age 20, but talks a possible early retirement and how she has almost quit the sport a few times.

A few comments on World Athletics making women's sport female sport, and then we discuss Supporters Club member Camille Herron's 48 hour world record.

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  • Show notes:
  • 08:29 Should Zane Robertson be jailed? Doping Raid in Kenya? *Thread
  • 19:05 Emily Sisson out of London - Which is stronger Boston women or London?
  • 28:01 Sara Hall raising money for Ethiopian orphans *link
  • 32:09 Email of Week on Donavan Brazier's surgery
  • 44:35 Athing Mu speaks on NFL podcast about modeling, legacy, retirement, wanting to quit sport 3 times and a sense of community at Texas A&M *link
  • 52:46 (Audio) Athing Mu on desire to model
  • 55:42 (Audio #2) When might Athing retire
  • 01:07:12 Texas Runner and Nikeman have twins!
  • 01:09:16 World Athletics makes women's sport, female sport - new DSD, transgender rules
  • 01:14:21 Praise for Francine Niyonsaba
  • 01:19:18 Camille Herron smashes 48-hour world record

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