Madness in Valencia, Kipchoge to Boston, Aaron Sahlman Shocker for Newbury Park at NXN

1 year ago

What a week. Kelvin Kiptum, yes you've never heard of him, ran 2:01:53 in Valencia as Amane Beriso upset Letesenbet Gidey to become the latest woman under 2:15 in the marathon.

We've got Eliud Kipchoge talking about his decision to run Boston and break down the huge upset at NXN where Newbury Park's normal #3 Aaron Sahlman upset Leo and Lex Young to lead Newbury Park to the greatest team domination at NXN on the boys' side despite them having an off day.

Show notes below.

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  • Show notes: (Supporters Club members get full time stamps)
  • Runner Box (use think link or code LETSRUN22 to save $10)
  • Valencia Marathon was nuts
  • LetsRun long sleeve shirts are here (use code SC30 to save your 30%)
  • What happened to Gidey? Women's marathoning is at another level
  • Was there a (doping) elephant in the room? *Post of week
  • Eliud Kipchoge running Boston
  • Kipchoge audio clips: Kipchoge could train and work at McDonald's
  • Kipchoge just wants to win Boston
  • Boston will be the hardest marathon ever for Kipchoge
  • Kipchoge won't change his training
  • Will there be a 10k run with Kipchoge?
  • 58:03 Bu 5ks - American collegiate and American junior records set
  • Sydney McLaughlin should not have been athlete of the year
  • Max Siegel defends his salary and Michael Johnson claps back
  • 80:18 NXN and huge upset by Aaron Sahlman
  • Hassan Mead testing positive
  • Cross Champs
  • Thoughts on Asafa Powell's retirement

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