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Where Your Dreams Become Reality #1: Robert Brandt on Breakout 2020, Trash Talking with Tinman Elite

6 months ago

Robert Brandt lowered his 10k pr from 28:48 to 27:39 in 2020 so it's fitting he is the first "Where Your Dreams Become Reality" guest. The 6th year senior at Georgetown first turned heads in the spring by talking a little smack about the Tinman Elite team. Ever since then he has backed it up on the track. He talks about his breakout 2020, talking smack, and the highs and lows of his running career.

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Show notes:

  • 1:21 His breakout 27:39 run
  • 20:42 Looking ahead in 2021 towards NCAAs / Olympics
  • 26:44 His start in running / progression to today
  • 41:30 Tenacity
  • 45:56 Trashtalking Tinman
  • 59:10 His #1 piece of running advice

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