Mega Pod - Pete Julian (Guest), Andrew Colley (Guest) - USAs, Lilac and Dreams

1 year ago

We've got a mega pod for you today as after breaking down the USA Cross Country Championships, an Aussie 16-year-old sensation, and Sha'Carri Richardson getting booted off a flight we've got 2 guests.

First, Nike Union Athletics Club coach Pete Julian joins us at 92:24 to talk about this weekend's Lilac Grand Prix, a World Athletics Silver Label meet he is hosting (viewing info here), and to give us an update on the UAC and Donavan Brazier, Raevyn Rogers and Jordan Hasay. Plus he issues a challenge to Team New Balance.

Then, Andrew Colley of Zap Endurance joins us at 2:23:49 and is our Where Your Dreams Become Reality athlete of the week after he finished 2nd at the USA XC Championships to make Team USA after 8 years in the running wilderness. What kept him living the dream and what's next in store for him?

Show notes below

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  • Show notes:
  • 02:27 Start - Leo Young audio clip
  • 07:22 Devon Allen/Julien Alfred runs NCAA 60m record
  • 10:18 USA Cross - Junior Races Leo Young and Irene Riggs impress
  • 13:30 Pro races - Emmanuel Bor wins, confusion reigns supreme on 10k qualifying for Worlds
  • 30:40 Flashback to 2007 USA XC in Boulder *it was nuts
  • 33:30 Women's race - Ednah Kurgat FTW
  • 41:40 Ritz explains why OAC 10k runners are skipping World XC
  • 58:43 Nico, Leo & Lex's Mom Places 33rd in Masters Race +Thread of Week *link
  • 01:00:41 Great post by Peter Bol's coach Justin Rinaldi link All his posts here
  • 01:02:24 The top American at World Cross will finish in ___ place
  • 01:08:30 Jakob 2.0? 16-year-old Aussie Cameron Myers runs 3:40 1500m
  • 01:15:02 World Athletics floats new DSD/Transgender rules
  • 01:22:29 Sha'Carri Richardson gets booted off a flight
  • 01:32:24 Guest Pete Julian - Union Athletics Club coach
  • 01:33:10 Stop chasing times / track is changing with new world ranking / qualifying system
  • 01:42:55 Noah Kibet's status on the team
  • 01:45:32 Raevyn Rogers and Donavan Brazier update
  • 01:49:03 New signings to UAC - Michaela Meyer, Mckenna Keegan, David Ribich
  • 01:59:32 Jordan Hasay update
  • 02:02:49 The highlights of the 2022 Union Athletics Club season was...
  • 02:04:01 Pete issues challenge to New Balance team
  • 02:11:54 The sport needs more races that matter and not people chasing times
  • 02:17:49 How do you beat Athing Mu at 800 meters?
  • 02:20:52 How to watch Lilac Grand Prix
  • 02:23:49 Andrew Colley - Where Your Dreams Become Reality athlete of the week
  • 02:28:12 Popliteal artery entrapment syndrome
  • 02:31:42 2020 Olympic Trials DNF- what happened? Did he think of quitting?
  • 02:37:00 What's changed in 2023?
  • 02:40:04 Goals for World XC, Rotterdam Marathon, 2024
  • 02:44:28 Why did he keep living the dream?
  • 02:45:41 Zap Endurance looking for a new sponsor

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