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OAC Coach Dathan Ritzenhein (Guest), DK Metcalf Predictions, and Brazier v Hoppel v Murphy

5 months ago

The Olympic Trials are 44 days away and On is teaming up with LetsRun.com to sponsor our Countdown to the Trials. On Athletics Club coach Dathan Ritzenhein joins us at 63:29 to discuss his new team, their instant success, his big goals and a lot more, including huge expectations for Oli Hoare, Alicia Monson and the team.

There is a huge weekend of track action led by the USATF Golden Games at Mt. Sac where NFL star DK Metcalf will get a lot of attention racing the big boys. The race of the meet however is the men's 800m where Donavan Brazier, Clayton Murphy, and Bryce Hoppel clash. Evan Jager returns to the steeple and Elle Purrier is in the 1500.

Could the race of the weekend be at the Oregon Twilight meet where Cole Hocker takes on Yared Nuguse?

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  • Show notes:
  • 2:24 On and LetsRun.com Teaming Up
  • 4:35 Picky Bars sells for $12 million
  • 8:37 Drama with Kenenisa Bekele and Ethiopian Olympic team selection
  • 19:03 DK Metcalf racing the big boys at Mt. Sac. NFL video here
  • 27:16 High school sprint stars
  • 35:30 Brazier vs Hoppel vs Murphy at Mt. Sac
  • 37:58 Jager and Sean McGorty in steeple at Mt. Sac
  • 42:52 Elle Purrier in Women's 1500 and Jenny Simpson not in 5000
  • 46:28 Sydney McLaughlin not in 400m hurdles
  • 48:16 Race of the Week?! Yared Nuguse vs Cole Hocker at 1500m
  • 55:17 Ultra Talk 100 mile World Record Falls
  • 60:00 Boston Marathon qualifying times announced
  • 63:29 On Athletics Club coach Dathan Ritzenhein

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