Gail Devers (Guest), Sha'Carri & Bekele OUT, Monaco, and the Intern

2 years ago

The Monaco mini Olympic preview is here on Friday but a ton of potential Olympic stars won't be at the Olympics (Sha'Carri Richardson, Kenenisa Bekele, Christine Mboma, Brianna McNeal). We discuss it all, preview Monaco, and wonder if Emma Coburn could be the Olympic favorite after Friday and whether Sifan Hassan will attempt the Olympic triple. We are joined by the legendary Olympic hero Gail Devers at the 86:47 mark to have Gail talk about her amazing career, her battle with Graves disease, doping in the sport, and yes a lot of distance running (she gives her hot takes on Athing Mu, Cole Hocker, and Paul Chelimo).

July is Graves Disease Awareness Month: For More info on Graves, Thyroid Eye Disease Go here:

You can beat Rojo in the Red Cross Go For the Red virtual race August 7, 2021 for more details. We're joined by James Francavilla, the Chief Development Officer at American Red Cross of the Chesapeake Region, at 84:58 to discuss some of the great things the Red Cross does.

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  • 7:27 Sha'Carri Richardson NOT on US Olympic Team
  • 18:24 Kenenisa Bekele NOT on Ethiopian Team and Robert's $ theory on why Ethiopians don't double
  • 22:12 Intersex talk: Christine Mboma (48.54 for 400) NOT eligible for Olympics
  • 29:05 Brianna McNeal NOT on Olympic team / abortion excuse
  • 41:25 Track talk: Are there any Olympic favorites? Half of them just lost
  • 51:36 Monaco Preview: It's a mini Olympics
  • 63:27 Could Sifan Hassan pull off the Olympic triple?
  • 67:27 Monaco Steeple Preview: Could Emma Coburn be the Olympic favorite?
  • 73:07 Meet the LetsRun Intern Karl Winter / Nijel Amos update, NCAA Name Image and Likeness Rules
  • 86:47 Guest: Gail Devers - 2-time Olympic 100m champ and track and field superfan on her amazing career, overcoming Graves disease, the current state of track and field, and yes distance running!
  • 101:41 Gail: Symptoms of Graves Disease
  • 104:58 Gail Devers started as an 800m runner
  • 115:04 Gail: Doping in track and Field
  • 120:12 Gail on Athing Mu, Ajee Wilson, Cole Hocker, Paul Chelimo and what she's looking forward too at Olympics + running a relay at NYC Marathon
  • 124:58 Guest: James Francavilla - Chief Development Officer at American Red Cross of the Chesapeake Region

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