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Houlihan Popped, NCAA Review, US Trials Preview + Ritzenhein Interview

1 year ago

Episode Notes

Sorry fans, Wejo is on vacation and I am having trouble doing timestamps. But the show basically went like this. 0:00 Shelby Houlihan talk starts it off 44:30 NCAA review 66:00 Olympic Trials preview begins 1:44:30 Dathan Ritzenhein interview

During the show, Rojo admitted if a Salazar athlete was popped he'd 100% have a different reaction but says that makes sense. Here are 12 reasons why it would be reasonable for one to react differently if this was an Alberto Salazar athlete and not a Schumacher athlete.

  1. Salazar was part of Atheltics west where there was known steroid use.
  2. Salazar admitted he used steroids himself.
  3. I had guys calling me unsolicited when Rupp was in college saying weird shit was going down with Rupp getting shots in hotel rooms.
  4. I had his massage therapist calling me saying they saw weird shit in the apartment.
  5. I've got a picture of a Nike lab report saying Rupp was on testosterone in HS.
  6. I know for a fact that Salazar has steroids in his bag and gives Rupp massages even though they have a masseuse on staff.
  7. Also Slaney was popped.
  8. I know Salazar violated the rules on Lcarinitine.
  9. I know Salazar repeatedly violated US prescription med rules.
  10. I know Salazar sent drugs across the world in hallowed out books.
  11. I know Salazar loved Dr. Brown. Jerry - who initially was a co-coach with Salazar -on the other hand, thought it was weird and stopped sending his guys there.
  12. And last but not least I have the assistant coach in the group calling me up saying he's got grave concerns.

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