Winners and Losers at Olympic Trials, Olympic 100m Favorites

13 days ago

2024 US Olympic Track and Field Trials: Highlights, Medals, and Future Prospects With the help of intern Joseph, Rojo, Wejo and Jonathan give out grades as they review the standout performances, record-breakers, and key results from the 2024 US Olympic Track and Field Trials.

How did Cole Hocker, Grant Fisher, Sha'Carri Richardson, Cooper Teare, Hobbs Kessler, Parker Valby and Yared Nuguse do?

Should the Trials make changes to protect stars like Athing Mu and what about the American medal prospects for Paris.Plus, the British Trials, potential future trials locations including Eugene, Oregon for 2028, and a look at Olympic 100m betting odds.

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  • Show notes: 0:00 Olympic Trials Grades, Olympic 100m Favorite
  • 00:22 Start
  • 05:59 Wild Duck final night report
  • 09:14 Us distance medal chances
  • 20:35 Olympic Trials Grades
  • 20:57 Yared Nuguse
  • 23:02 Colorado job
  • 27:25 Sha'Carri Richardson
  • 30:20 Cooper Teare
  • 32:44 What's world class? Hobbs Kessler, Rick Wohlhuter
  • 39:09 Rojo's lack of filter
  • 41:03 Women's 1500 depth Cory McGee
  • 43:14 Addy Wiley
  • 45:13 Grant Fisher
  • 50:17 Athing Mu, the fall, fans union ticket prices
  • 01:03:49 Nick Willis loves the US Trials
  • 01:11:31 British Trials
  • 01:13:06 Eugene attendance down 46%
  • 01:20:46 Parker Valby
  • 01:22:50 Drew Hunter
  • 01:24:49 Wejo's performance at Trials
  • 01:31:22 Absence makes heart fonder
  • 01:32:09 Olympic 100m betting odds *link
  • 01:34:06 Kishane Thompson 9.77 at Jamaican Champs *Video
  • 01:42:17 Women's odds

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