Bonus: Dan Michalski - Living the Dream - From Working at Walmart, Wearing the LetsRun Singlet, to the Olympics?

1 year ago

We've got a bonus pod for everyone, as part of our Where Your Dreams Become Reality series.

Daniel Michalski was a baseball player and band member for most of his high school career. Then he tried track and cross country and he has taken the more circuitous route to the top ranks of the sport. He won a a DII NCAA title for Cedarville. He nearly won a DI for Indiana but fell over the final barrier.

Unsponsored, during COVID at one point he was working at Walmart to help support his wife Abby. When she got pregnant, he wanted to find a job with insurance, and that led him to coaching in Texas, training solo, a new coach of his own and a return to the top of the sport.

He was the most gracious 4th placer we've ever seen at the 2020 Olympic Trials, and now has his eyes set on the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Before that he's running the Houston Half Marathon this weekend in the singlet. A Supporters Club member, he asked Rojo if he could race in the singlet. We're honored!

Show notes below.

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  • Show notes: 01:44 Start
  • 03:59 The LetsRuncom singlet arrives
  • 06:24 From baseball to marching band to nearly making the Olympics
  • 13:50 College career at Cedarville
  • 17:12 Nearly winning NCAAs for Indiana
  • 21:28 Getting married
  • 24:33 Covid, working at Walmart, and the Working Man's Track Club
  • 26:23 Having a kid and coaching at LeTourneau University
  • 28:37 Nick Willis and Marck Misch step in
  • 33:56 The breakthrough
  • 37:56 4th at the Trials and the best reaction ever
  • 43:54 2022 season, beating Jager at USAs and the fall at USAs
  • 50:59 Joining the Air Force?
  • 53:28 Training at altitude
  • 54:24 Racing in Houston and wearing the singlet

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