NCAA conference madness: Colin Sahlman, Elliott Cook and the SEC sprinters shine, Employee 1.1 breaks 15:00 at age 36 and time to panic for Evan Jager and Craig Engels?

1 month ago

On this week's show, we celebrate the amazing runs put up by Colin Sahlman and Elliott Cook at their NCAA track and field conference meets, rave about the SEC sprint action, praise Phoebe Gill and wonder if it's time for Evan Jager and Craig Engels to panic. Ples which is more important to running - nature or nurture? We end the show with an interview of Employee 1.1, Steve Soprano, whose dreams became reality on Monday as he broke 15:00 for the first time at age 36. And Steve and Rojo end the show with a Supporter's Club exclusive - they rant about the worst sentence written by a running journalist in the year 2024.

  • Shownotes
  • 0:00 Intro and Small Talk
  • 5:30 NCAA men's 1500 talk starting with Colin Sahlman and Nico YOung and then moving to Elliott Cook and UWashington
  • 17:45 Who is the NCAA 1500 favorite?
  • 25:19 SEC Sprints Showcase
  • 29:30 A middle schooler broke 15:00 this weekend
  • 32:30 Phoebe Gill runs 1:57 at age 17
  • 35:00 Track Fest and Olympic Standard Chasing or Lack thereof
  • 37:52 Impressive Performances in the Steeplechase
  • 41:13 Concerns and Hope for Evan Jager's Performance
  • 43:43 Craig Engels runs bad but talks big
  • 48:25 Krissy Gear's Success and Olympic Chances
  • 48:58 Louis Grialva's Has A Plan
  • 52:34 Exciting Match-ups in the LA 5K
  • 57:16 Lack of Promotion for the LA Grand Prix
  • 1:01:44 Predictions for amazing women's 400 at LA Grand Prix
  • 1:03:45 Olympic Marathon Qualification Drama - Is This chasing of standards bad for the sport?
  • 1:12:00 Nature vs Nurture. Rojo refuses to talk about the Bowerman mile but instead wants to talk about the Japanese NR in the 1500 is just 3:35 and what that tells us about genetics. Jon argues for nurture.
  • 1:17:05 Steve Soprano, a 36-year-old father of 2, joins the show and talks about how his dreams became reality on Monday when he broke 15:00 for the first time
  • 1:34:15 Supporter's Club exclusive where Steve and Rojo talk about the worst-sentence written in running in 2024 (It was about the Boston marathon) and what it means for society

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