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Guest Duane Solomon + Bowerman TC & Elise Cranny Run Fast + Raevyn Rogers New Coach + 2020 Beer Mile World Classic

6 months ago

Happy July 4th runners

The Bowerman Track Club ran fast with Elise Cranny (14:48 5k) leading the way- Evan Jager, Ryan Hill, Shelby Houlihan, Matthew Centorwitz talk.

Raevyn Rogers is joining Pete Julian's Nike group, fast miles in Colorado, a 16 year old runs 14:06, not to early to talk Paris 2024 Olympic Marathon, thread of week and more.

US 800m star Duane Solomon is our guest @ 51:39 and looks back at his incredible career, how his life changed big time after making the US Olympic Team, and gives us his thoughts on Donavan Brazier.

The 2020 Beer Mile World Classic is this Saturday July 4th at 1pm eastern (30 minute highlight show) on LetsRun.com and founder Nick MacFalls discusses this years event and beer miles in general 1:00:08.

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Show notes:
Start Bowerman Intrasquad meet and Elise Cranny
23:07 Raevyn Rogers joins Pete Julian
27:32 USAs or No USAs in 2020 and where?
34:06 Emma Coburn and Morgan McDonald Team Boss Miles in Colorado
39:47 16 year old Axel Vang Christensen runs 14:06
45:31 Paris 2024 Olympic Marathon should be at night
47:11 Thread of week: Robert Brandt ROASTS Tinman and Drew Hunter gets feelings hurt
51:39 Guest Duane Solomon on his career
100:08 Nick MacFalls on 2020 Beer Mile World Classic

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