What an NCAAs, Katelyn Tuohy Goes Pro, CU Buffs Investigation

1 year ago

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We give another look back at the incredible 2022 NCAA Cross Country Championships where the men's battle was decided on the tie-breaker and the Katelyn Tuohy and Parker Valby match-up delivered.

Mike Smith has now coached NAU to 5 NCAA XC titles.

We debated Katelyn Tuohy turning pro and suggested she sign an NIL deal and then an hour after the pod she signed an NIL deal with adidas so we have an emergency segment on that at 57:21.

Mark Wetmore's Colorado Buffalo program is being investigated on how they handle diet and eating.

  • Show notes (SC members get detailed time stamps)
  • How great was NCAA cross?
  • Crazy tie break ideas
  • Mike Smith's comments on tiebreaker
  • Mike Smith audio/ thread of week: Mike Smith's Interview Honesty Blows Me Away
  • Mike Smith's legacy
  • A look ahead to 2023
  • Laurie Henes and NC State make it two in a row
  • Katelyn Tuohy and Parker Valby deliver
  • 2019 audio predictions on Katelyn Tuohy's career
  • Should Katelyn Tuohy turn pro?/ Who has more potential Tuohy or Valby?
  • 57:21 Emergency pod: Katelyn Tuohy turns pro and signs NIL deal with adidas will still run for NC State
  • Back to regular podcast and general discussion of NIL deals
  • Investigation on how Colorado and Mark Wetmore deal with nutrition / eating issues
  • Jakob and NCAA cross and final thoughts
  • DIII and DII Nationals

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