What a USAs, What's Up with Bowerman and Teare? Who Medals at Worlds and Who Never Makes another Worlds Team?

1 year ago

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What a USA Track and Field Championships.

It turns out Athing Mu is a good 1500m runner, should Cooper Teare leave Bowerman, how bad was the meet for the BTC, and will some big name stars ever make a US Team again?

How many distance medals will the US get in Budapest?

  • Show notes:
  • 00:00 2023 Flashback
  • 02:15 Athing Mu gets 2nd in 1500, do we owe her Bobby Kersee an apology?
  • 09:51 Intern Alex hangs out with Karsten Warholm
  • 15:08 Very few Cinderellas in track
  • 19:53 Mike Woods wins Tour De France stage
  • 27:41 Woody Kincaid comments on Joe Klecker
  • 29:38 Cooper Teare's post-race comments, should he leave Bowerman? *Thread
  • 37:26 Post of Week
  • 39:44 Mike Smith model better?
  • 45:47 Should we be worried for Bowerman?
  • 53:40 Good meet for Brooks Beasts, some personal tragedy for Danny Mackey
  • 58:43 Over/Under for US distance medals at Worlds
  • 01:02:12 After Mu and Yared who is most likely to medal?
  • 01:05:41 Alex gives his impression of being at Stockholm Diamond League meet
  • 01:10:47 Sprints at USAs- Sha'Carri, Gabby, and Sydney impress
  • 01:18:59 Will Centro, Jager, Ajee, Brazier ever make a US team again? + Coburn and Ajee's streaks come to an end
  • 01:26:01 Best Interviews of weekend Teare Updike and Keter
  • 01:26:50 British champs
  • 01:31:14 Silesia Poland DL on Sunday

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