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Deena Kastor: Greatest American Female Distance Runner of All-Time GOAT Podcast
The Jim Ryun: Greatest American Distance Runner of All-Time GOAT Podcast
Chris Solinsky Reflects On His Career and His 26:59 and Looks Ahead To The Future at Florida
Jim Ryun is the GOAT, $300 Fines for Running Without a Mask, Max Siegel Gets Paid + Big Anniversaries
GOAT Final Four, Alicia Monson Joins Us After Turning Pro, LRC Surprise Guest
BONUS: Dr. Madeline Manning Mims - The Greatest US 800m Runner Ever?
Big Name Kenyan Bust, Centro vs Ryun + Guest Dr. Madeline Manning Mims- The US 800m GOAT?
Dr. Michael Joyner + Backyard Ultra Controversy + Olympic Qualifying Cancelled + Eugene 2022 + American GOAT Brackets
Mike Wardian - Ultramarathon Star and Winner of The Quarantine Backyard Ultra
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