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American Marathon (Keira D'Amato) and Half (Sara Hall) Craziness in Houston + OAC's Ritz and Pro Coaches Tour
Bonus: Bekele is in Boston! Breaking Down 2022 Boston Marathon Field with Elite Athlete Coordinator Mary Kate Shea
Boston is LOADED, USA XC Champs, and Molly Seidel was robbed (by us)
Big Predictions for 2022, Emily Infeld Leaves Bowerman, USA Cross Country Champs
Alberto BANNED for Life, 2021 Track and Field Trivia - Year in Review
HOKA NAZ Elite men break up, how fast will women go in 2022?, 2024 Olympians + should high schoolers be running 100 miles per week?
Nick Willis (Guest)+ Eurocross, Eastbay's, Jakob Ingebrigtsen, Allie O Steps Back, Danish Juniors Better than Newbury Park?
Marathon Trials Standards are Here, Newbury Park Better than Ritz?, Cherono Wins Another 'Major', US Half Champs, Fake Conner Mantz
Feds Looking at USATF, Shelby GoFundMe, Newbury Park GOAT?, Conner Mantz AR?, Weini Kelati on Fire
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