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HOKA NAZ Elite Pros Before the Trials: Scott Fauble, Kellyn Taylor, Aliphine Tuliamuk, Scott Smith, Stephanie Bruce and Sid Vaughn (Sponsored by HOKA ONE ONE)

1 year ago

Learn from the pros before the Marathon Trials

The butterflies are building and the Olympic Marathon Trials are almost here.

As part of our HOKA Takes on the Trials sponsored coverage, we're profiling all the HOKA ONE ONE athletes running the 2020 Marathon Trials in Atlanta. We've covered the dreamers (how about a guy who didn't break 18:00 for 5k in high school?), the mountain men and women, and the category defying Jim Walmsley (podcast here). All that remains are the traditional contenders, the six HOKA NAZ Elite pros aiming for Tokyo.

We talk to them all in this special podcast. First up are the three men: Scott Fauble (2:09 marathon #1 American in Boston, 3rd fastest in Trials), Scott Smith (2:11 in Chicago last year), and Sid Vaughn (the understudy) who are finishing off their preparations in Orlando.

The 3 women are all ranked in the top 10 and we've got them individually. Kellyn Taylor (6th at the last Olympic Marathon Trails and the #4 seed at Trials), Aliphine Tuliamuk (9 time national champ), and Stephanie Bruce (2 time national champ).

Show notes:
2:04 Scott Fauble, Scott Smith, and Sid Vaughn
28:32 Kellyn Taylor
41:51 Aliphine Tuliamuk
65:04 Stephanie Bruce - podcast with Stephanie from last summer here.

For all the HOKA Takes on the Trials coverage with Q&As with all six athletes above and training tips from them as well click here.

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